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  • TriCaster™ LC-11

    TriCaster™ LC-11

    Add a staple of live video production to your desktop with the TriCaster LC-11 hardware control surface. Instantly compatible with select TriCaster systems, TriCaster
    LC-11 gives you a hands-on connection to the TriCaster interface. With a small frame and simple, convenient layout, TriCaster LC-11 is a match for productions of any
    size, and operators of any experience level.


    • Intuitive layout for manual operation of TriCaster functions
    • Large, backlit buttons and high-quality T-Bar for confident, comfortable performance
    • Durable, compact design perfect for desktop or portable use
    • Instant setup and integration into any TriCaster live production workflow

    ※ Note: TriCaster LC-11 control surface is compatible with TriCaster 855, 455, 300, 850 series, and 450 series systems, as well as SD-only TriCaster systems